Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Is Decisionset® Different From a Law Firm?

Attorneys use many different resources to protect and promote their clients’ interests, ranging from electronic legal research to consultations with expert witnesses. DecisionSet® is one resource among many legal services used by attorneys dedicated to improving case outcomes for their clients.

DecisionSet®’s databases, statistical models, and consultations are decision making tools for attorneys and litigants. DecisionSet® does not provide legal advice but instead relies on its databases and empirical research in the fields of cognitive psychology and behavioral economics. These databases and research applications support probability assessments and identify counter-productive ways of thinking, but they do not convey the comprehensive legal knowledge, practical experience, and professional wisdom embodied in an attorney’s legal advice and professional judgment. DecisionSet®’s services and products augment, but never replace, an attorney’s counsel.

2. Are Consultations With Decisionset® Confidential?

DecisionSet® maintains all communications with clients in strict confidence and does not disclose to third parties the identity of the client or the client’s information unless the client permits such disclosure, disclosure is necessary to prevent or resolve a conflict of interest, or disclosure is legally required. Provided that the anonymity of a client is fully protected, DecisionSet® may include in educational materials like books, professional journals and academic publications non-attributed statements and facts modified to omit any identifying details of individuals.

DecisionSet® ordinarily is retained as a consultant by a party’s counsel, and any specific inquiry regarding the confidentiality of communications between DecisionSet® and counsel should be directed to counsel. In circumstances where a mediator suggests or recommends DecisionSet® services or products, any questions regarding confidentiality should be directed to counsel.

3. Does a Company Have to Be in a Lawsuit to Use Decisionset®’s Services and Products?

Neither a pending case nor a threatened case is a prerequisite to a DecisionSet® assignment. Some client assignments, like DecisionSet® courses, are preventative and independent of actual litigation.

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