The journals, blogs, books and articles listed below are resources for decision makers and problem solvers in the legal field. They contribute to an understanding of how attorneys, law students, clients, insurance company executives, law professors and judges think; what types of decision errors commonly occur in the context of case evaluations and settlement negotiations; the circumstances when cognitive biases and illusions are likely to obscure objective evaluations; the theories explaining why these errors occur frequently and predictably; and the corrective steps decision makers can take to identify and avoid common decision making pitfalls.

DecisionSet® has reviewed each publication and link listed in this Resources section, and its courses integrate many of the publications' research. These resources are updated regularly and have been selected for their application to legal decision making and problem solving and their usefulness to all decision makers intent on improving their skills. Since the content of the linked sites changes rapidly, however, DecisionSet® is not responsible for the content of any site linked to or from this site and the inclusion of links is not an endorsement of any kind.