Law Department Surveys

Corporate law departments present special challenges for attorneys’ decision-making and problem-solving skills. Corporate counsel are expected to fulfill multiple roles within a company, and the complexity of in-house lawyering requires a unique blend of discernment, foresight, practicality, expertise and wisdom.

Although corporate law departments take great care in initially selecting attorneys with superior legal judgment, little attention is given to enhancing legal judgment after attorneys join a legal department. To meet the need to continually improve attorneys’ decision-making skills, DecisionSet® provides confidential online surveys that assess attorneys and law departments in these key dimensions: Cultures and Norms, Attitudes and Habits and Systems and Supports. After attorneys have completed the surveys, the General Counsel receives a report showing how their results compare with best practices and other law firms and law departments.

DecisionSet® surveys assist attorneys and law departments in understanding how they function as decision makers and problem solvers at personal, group and organizational levels. The surveys promote superior legal judgment by enabling law departments to:

  • Compare attorneys’ decision-making and problem-solving styles and methods with those of other in-house counsel and AmLaw 100 attorneys.
  • Identify misconceptions, defenses and habits that prevent attorneys from becoming expert problem solvers and decision makers.
  • Learn why teams of attorneys may not be achieving the benefits of their multiple experiences and broad range of expertise.
  • See how attorneys allocate time and effort to decision-making phases and pinpoint phases that are receiving inadequate attention.
  • Facilitate communication within legal departments by evaluating the frequency and quality of interaction among attorneys.
  • Achieve efficiencies in legal project management and legal services delivery by evaluating workload management systems, information technology and the speed and accuracy of information transmittal within the department.
  • Design professional development programs to improve attorneys’ problem-solving and decision-making skills.

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