Comments About DecisionSet® Presentations

“Your program was the hands-down highlight of our firm meeting! [Name] has not stopped raving about it, and so many others – from Exec Committee and practice group leaders to associates and even very new lawyers – have said it was an outstanding program that put forward data, industry trends, and threats facing this firm in particular that until now we haven’t spent much time talking about. … A great sign that you struck a chord and even inspired action!”

“Well delivered and spot on substantively. And as the multiple [attorney] questions showed, you did a nice job of engaging the audience – not an easy task … after they’ve sat through a day and a half of meetings. [We] have already heard lots of positive feedback about it from our colleagues.”

“A big thank you, kudos, wow, you were just fabulous today … a number of people said how helpful … a number of the [firm leaders] reached out – they don’t always do that – said how great you were, really insightful. I think you just really nailed it today. … Again, can’t thank you enough.”

“I thought he was amazing. Great delivery and fascinating content. I learned a lot.”

“Absolutely first rate! Much eye opening analysis and useful advice for effective decision-making!”

“Once again, I wanted to thank you for your fabulous presentation and intriguing data analysis.”

“I think my very best decision in a long time was arranging for you to speak last week!… It was terrific, just plain terrific.”

“Fantastic presentation! a groundbreaking analysis.”

“People raved about your presentation.”

“your remarks were among the most stimulating for our lawyers. Thank you so much for helping us achieve what we were looking for and, even more, for the substance of your talk.”

“splendid, just splendid.”

“a terrific presentation. It was very well received. … There was something for everyone — you did a great job, thank you.”

“Fascinating discussion! Thank you!”

“We all found it to be very interesting and thought-provoking.”

“thanks very much for a wonderfully informative presentation.”

“easily the most interesting presentation at the Conference, including my own!”

“we have received great feed-back about your conference speech and we are very grateful for that.”

“saw your presentation and thought it was fascinating. I really want to tell you how interesting it was.”

“thank you for your outstanding and extremely interesting presentation.”

“extremely valuable. It gave me useful information for those mediations that are stuck because a party is too convinced of the accuracy of its own predictions.”

“The expertise and clarity of your presentation was of tremendous value and very much appreciated.”

“My sincere thanks for the excellence of your presentation. Overall, it was a five star performance. We are very grateful.”

“I thought your presentation was fabulous. I only wish I had more of it to look forward to. … Thank you again for a fantastic presentation, and your excellent contribution.”

“just wanted to confirm that everyone … loved your presentation last week. Your session received high scores.”

“Not surprising you received rave reviews and provided a lot of food for thought.”

“We were so glad to have you and everyone really enjoyed your presentation! … The reviews about this course were great.”

“I loved your presentation. Very thought provoking and I am really looking forward to reading your book.”

“Kiser delivered a tour de force review of his empirical research and recommendations for effective pretrial decision-making by lawyers and their clients.”

“Mr. Kiser’s extensive research into the psychology of settlement and the sources of settlement error that attorneys are prone to, is fascinating and has been extremely helpful to my work as a trainer for attorneys around the country.”

“One of Randy’s many strengths is that he’s able to take abstract concepts and distill them into crisp, understandable nuggets of information. … I’ve received a lot of compliments from our membership about Randy’s presentation.”

"It is a disaster that wisdom forbids you to be satisfied with yourself and always sends you away dissatisfied and fearful, whereas stubbornness and foolhardiness fill their hosts with joy and assurance."
--- Michel de Montaigne (1553 - 1592)