American Law Firms in Transition: Trends, Threats, and Strategies

“Randy Kiser has written the first book on law firm leadership that takes a hard look at the issues facing ‘Big Law’ in the 21st century. Leaders of larger law firms would do well to read Randy’s book and put his thoughts into action. Complacency is not our friend in today’s law firm environment, and Randy gives us some great ideas that can help us differentiate our firms from the herd in a positive way.”

– Tim Mohan, Chief Executive Partner, Chapman and Cutler LLP

“This book is a labor of love and a great gift to the legal profession. Randy Kiser comprehensively addresses the challenges facing the modern law firm. More importantly, he generously offers a broad range of ideas and resources that law firm leaders can reference to meet those challenges. When law firm leaders say ‘let’s run our firm like a business,’ their model is typically IBM in 1950 rather than Google in 2019. This book thankfully points towards the future.”

– Scott Westfahl, Director, Harvard Law School Executive Education

“Novel leadership paradigms are required to navigate the emerging realities facing law firms. With this book, Randy Kiser provides the most comprehensive guide to date for leaders facing these unprecedented challenges. Exhaustively researched, Randy demystifies the common ailments facing law firms while providing pragmatic solutions. The book is an important resource for new and long-tenured law firm leaders alike.”

– Patrick J. Whalen, Chairman & Managing Partner, Spencer Fane LLP

“Randy Kiser, the world’s leading expert on lawyer decision making, carefully examines the vexing problems facing law firms, concluding they are ‘severe, chronic, endemic-and solvable.’ Kiser’s prescription would make complete sense to Paul Cravath, the renowned law firm leader, as it returns us to systems thinking, the power of training, and incentive structures where all stakeholders benefit over the long term. A handful of law firm leaders will rediscover these insights with this book, and the rest will follow.”

– William Henderson, Professor and Stephen F. Burns Chair on the Legal Profession, Indiana University Maurer School of Law

“This book is an urgent reality check and comprehensive guide for American law firms. Replete with compelling research and evidence dissecting critical trends, it offers a wealth of vital, practical solutions. It is an essential resource for any law firm leader directing law firms that want to not only survive, but also thrive in the rapidly changing legal landscape.”

– Marla Grant and Yuliya LaRoe, co-founders, 20/20 Leadership Group LLC

“I doubt any law firm leader could read this book and conclude that Kiser got it wrong.”

– William Henderson, Legal Evolution

“American Law Firms in Transition. This book from Randall Kiser just might be the next End of Lawyers? for the legal industry. Kiser discusses how law firms are still spinning the data of how healthy they are and ignore problems in their business model. With the recent collapse of LeClaireRyan, maybe firms might find Kiser’s insights to be more relevant.”

– The Geek In Review

“American Law Firms in Transition: Trends, Threats and Strategies by Randall Kiser is an incredible primer on many hot topics in the legal industry.”

– Anita Turner’s Law Firm Insights

“No. 8.” “35 Best Law Firm Books of All Time.”

– Kevin O’Keefe, BookAuthority

“Randall Kiser recently wrote about these threats, attitudes, and tensions in his excellent book, American Law Firms in Transition, which should be a primer for managing partners of midsize firms.”

– TechLaw Crossroads

"It is a disaster that wisdom forbids you to be satisfied with yourself and always sends you away dissatisfied and fearful, whereas stubbornness and foolhardiness fill their hosts with joy and assurance."
--- Michel de Montaigne (1553 - 1592)